About Us

ACLIRA was created July 17 2020, with a hunger and desire to curate a new wave for the youth of new  fashion enthusiast. 

ACLIRA was created by Carlos and Adryanne hence the name AC and Lira is Carlos last name. It was a combination of both in a joint collaboration of fashion and beauty. ACLIRA has a 17 part chapter in there story. This is merely the beginning of the brand. 

Collection 1 was a true inspiration of the Trap culture. Carlos is heavily involved in music and has been in the music industry as of the last 2 years. Indulging in the culture of music, fashion, foods and etc. The Trappin Tee shirt brought the designs of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat with a bando Trap house and a fiery explosion. To bring the story of the harsh lifestyle with a fast pace motion. Still being able to incorporate the infamous "Explicit Content" see throughout Hip-Hop Music. 

Collection 2 brought forth of the inspiring Diamond Plaque that every artist chases for. The diamond rose payed homage to the late rapper Pop Smoke. Which was one of Carlos' favorite rappers. The rain of the diamonds will always signify wealth, status, and well being for many artist. But for others it will signify the rain and terror the fame brings to whom those are not satisifed with wealth.