Refunds and Exchanges 

Unfortunately we do not issue Refunds nor exchanges. Reason being, we are not assure if the item goods are damaged or used that was not a result of our packaging that would be carriers fault. All sales are final and non returnable/refundable. 

Fraudulent orders

Fraudulent orders will immediately occur in an automatic refund. If you would wish to counter our refund and plead you are a real buyer. You must email us proving identity. Then stating in the email your name and last name that you are a real time buyer that would like to purchase our products/goods.



All orders take 1-2 weeks at the most when we are backed up, if not shipping will take 2-5 days at most. We use USPS as our standard carrier for the mean time. Updates will be sent for item updates and shipping updates.


Pre Orders 

Pre orders are a way for our brand to be funded without the risk of having low inventory or sold out sizing. As well allows us to reach a wider audience. Pre orders can take 3-4 weeks to produce and an additional 1-3 weeks to ship. We do issue refunds if your order was not fulfilled within 72 days. As well we include a 20% coupon for the delay in your product if not fulfilled. We appreciate your patience and believing in our brand. 

Covid Shipping Delays 
Due to Covid-19, it has lead us to take up 2-3 at the most to ship out an order. Once things start to clear up shipping will be 1-5 business days. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe during these harsh times.